Consistent Life 25th Anniversary Conference


March 9-11, 2012, 4-H Youth Conference Center, Chevy Chase, MD

Evaluation form for the Conference

For those who attended and did not fill out an evaluation form at the Conference, we have put an evaluation form on-line.  We would appreciate attenders sending in evaluations as soon as you can.  Thank you.


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Conference a success

The Conference is now over. Participants were very happy with the Conference.

As they are available, we will be posting videos from the Conference.  We are also asking all presenters to supply us with their talks, notes, PowerPoints or whatever they have that will enable us to post print versions of Conference presentations.

The next Consistent Life News will be a special Conference issue and will contain reports from the Conference.

Thanks to all those tho presented, helped out and/or participated.

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Going from 4-H Center to the Public Witness

Some going to the Conference have come or are coming early and staying at the 4-H Center. Some people coming in on Friday might want to come to the Center in the morning, leave their stuff and/or car, and go down to the public witness.  We could go down together.

I expect to get to the Center no later than 10:30 AM Friday. I have a few things to drop off and the CL banner to pick up. I am leaving my car at the Center and going by public transportation to get to the public witness, which starts at the White House at noon.  I would love to go with whomever is at the Center or for whom that would be convenient.

The public transportation route starts right in front of  the Center on Connecticut Ave., where there is a bus stop.  Metrobus route L8 and Ride-on buses 1 and 11 from there go to the Friendship Heights Metrorail station, which is their terminus. From there, one can either get on Metrorail and go to the Farragut North station, or get on Metrobus route 36 or 32, and get off at H St. & Madison Place.  Metrobus gets you a couple of blocks closer, but takes a lot (c. 35 minutes) longer.  At Farragut North station you want to go out the K Street exit.  You will see Farragut Square across from the exit.  Go through Farragut Square diagonally, which will get you to 17th and I.  Go to your left one block to 16th St., and then turn right and you will see ahead of you just one short block Lafayette Square. The White House is on the far side of Lafayette Square.

-Bill Samuel, CL President, 301-943-6406

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Getting to the Conference

We have published a page which gives considerable information on how to get from any of the three Washington airports or the train station to the 4-H Center. See the Transportation Arrangements page. We hope this will help those coming from out of town by air or rail, or intercity buses using Union Station.

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Video help needed

We would like to have video of all our Conference sessions to put up on our YouTube channel. We have a professional videographer who’s willing to do all post-production pro bono, but he has a conflict and won’t be able to be at the Conference. He says an ordinary consumer video camera can produce adequate quality video.

So if you’re coming to the Conference and have a video camera, please bring it and volunteer to video some sessions. During much of Saturday, we have 3 simultaneous sessions, so we need multiple people to help. The more volunteers we have, the less each person will have to do.

Please let us know if you can help.  Thank you.

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You Can Come for Part of the Conference

If you can’t attend the entire Conference, you are free to attend what parts you can. We will allow you to choose a fair registration price, considering how long you will be at the Conference and your ability to pay. Please register in advance if at all possible. This helps greatly in planning. However, we do expect to be able to accept walk-ins.

The electronic registration form and the information sheet with registration form for mailing, faxing or attaching as PDF both have had the part-time registration option added.

No registration is required for the public witness on Friday afternoon, or the Sunday morning worship and other activities.

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Advance Registration to Close

Due to the need for the venue to have counts for their planning, advance registration for the Conference will close on Tuesday, March 6, 2012. Electronic and faxed registrations must be submitted by then. Mail registrations must be received by then, which means it is too late to mail registrations in from a distance, but those postmarked by Saturday, March 3 from fairly near by to Washington, DC should be OK.

There should be some opportunity for walk-in registration at the Conference, provided the numbers are small. Also, if you didn’t reserve meals in advance, you may get meal tickets from the Center front desk, again as long as the numbers are not large as they need to ensure there is adequate food for all registrants. Credit cards will not be accepted for either walk-in registration or meal tickets from the Center. Please have cash or checks. For registrations, you may also use your computer on-site (free wi-fi throughout the Center) to transfer funds to us via PayPal.

No advance registration or payment is required for either the public witness on the Friday afternoon of the Conference, or the Sunday morning activities, including worship.

As far as group participation, the Conference program has been sent to the printer so no more ads can be accepted for it. Inserts (80 copies needed) in conference packets should be received by the Conference Coordinator by Monday, March 5. Exhibit tables are also still available at this writing.

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