Consistent Life 25th Anniversary Conference


March 9-11, 2012, 4-H Youth Conference Center, Chevy Chase, MD

Going from 4-H Center to the Public Witness

Some going to the Conference have come or are coming early and staying at the 4-H Center. Some people coming in on Friday might want to come to the Center in the morning, leave their stuff and/or car, and go down to the public witness.  We could go down together.

I expect to get to the Center no later than 10:30 AM Friday. I have a few things to drop off and the CL banner to pick up. I am leaving my car at the Center and going by public transportation to get to the public witness, which starts at the White House at noon.  I would love to go with whomever is at the Center or for whom that would be convenient.

The public transportation route starts right in front of  the Center on Connecticut Ave., where there is a bus stop.  Metrobus route L8 and Ride-on buses 1 and 11 from there go to the Friendship Heights Metrorail station, which is their terminus. From there, one can either get on Metrorail and go to the Farragut North station, or get on Metrobus route 36 or 32, and get off at H St. & Madison Place.  Metrobus gets you a couple of blocks closer, but takes a lot (c. 35 minutes) longer.  At Farragut North station you want to go out the K Street exit.  You will see Farragut Square across from the exit.  Go through Farragut Square diagonally, which will get you to 17th and I.  Go to your left one block to 16th St., and then turn right and you will see ahead of you just one short block Lafayette Square. The White House is on the far side of Lafayette Square.

-Bill Samuel, CL President, 301-943-6406


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