Consistent Life 25th Anniversary Conference


March 9-11, 2012, 4-H Youth Conference Center, Chevy Chase, MD

You Can Come for Part of the Conference

If you can’t attend the entire Conference, you are free to attend what parts you can. We will allow you to choose a fair registration price, considering how long you will be at the Conference and your ability to pay. Please register in advance if at all possible. This helps greatly in planning. However, we do expect to be able to accept walk-ins.

The electronic registration form and the information sheet with registration form for mailing, faxing or attaching as PDF both have had the part-time registration option added.

No registration is required for the public witness on Friday afternoon, or the Sunday morning worship and other activities.


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Advance Registration to Close

Due to the need for the venue to have counts for their planning, advance registration for the Conference will close on Tuesday, March 6, 2012. Electronic and faxed registrations must be submitted by then. Mail registrations must be received by then, which means it is too late to mail registrations in from a distance, but those postmarked by Saturday, March 3 from fairly near by to Washington, DC should be OK.

There should be some opportunity for walk-in registration at the Conference, provided the numbers are small. Also, if you didn’t reserve meals in advance, you may get meal tickets from the Center front desk, again as long as the numbers are not large as they need to ensure there is adequate food for all registrants. Credit cards will not be accepted for either walk-in registration or meal tickets from the Center. Please have cash or checks. For registrations, you may also use your computer on-site (free wi-fi throughout the Center) to transfer funds to us via PayPal.

No advance registration or payment is required for either the public witness on the Friday afternoon of the Conference, or the Sunday morning activities, including worship.

As far as group participation, the Conference program has been sent to the printer so no more ads can be accepted for it. Inserts (80 copies needed) in conference packets should be received by the Conference Coordinator by Monday, March 5. Exhibit tables are also still available at this writing.

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New Conference Information and Registration Sheet

We have developed a new Conference Information and Registration Sheet (PDF) which is easily reproducible and allows registrations of multiple persons coming as one party on one sheet (the only option allowing that). It is on regular letter size paper, and is easy to reproduce. It is suitable both as a registration option and as a flier you can give to friends, or make available at your house of worship or other public location.

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Children at the Conference

Wondered whether you could bring your little ones with you to the Conference? The answer is that they are welcome. Little Friends of Peace will be providing a peace camp for children Friday evening and part of Saturday.  We are arranging child care for later plenary sessions.

Also, we can make appropriate arrangements for families at the Conference. What shows on the registration information is geared towards adults and teens. We understand that family needs may be different, and the Center is cooperative in helping us find what will work for each particular family situation. Email our Conference Coordinator, giving your needs and your phone number, and she will work with you and the Center on appropriate arrangements and costs. She is a mother of young children, and will understand your needs.

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Early registration extended

We have extended early registration fees to all registrations received by February 5.  You will have until midnight Sunday, February 5 to complete online registration to get the reduced rates. Mailed registrations will need to be mailed in time to arrive by then to qualify.  This is as much as we can extend early registration due to the need to get numbers to the Conference Center, along with payment, 30 days before the Conference starts.

Later registration is possible, subject to the ability of the Conference Center to accommodate requests. We do not currently anticipate problems with that, but the Center is free to book facilities we did not reserve in advance to other groups.

We encourage everyone planning to attend to get in their registrations as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Online Registration Now Available

An online registration form is now available. We strongly encourage everyone to register by January 31. We give a substantial discount on the registration fee if you do so. We need to receive most of our registrations by then because the venue needs our updated facilities needs and payment for the facilities a month before the conference. We appreciate your cooperation, and hope to see you at the Conference.

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Registration brochure available

A Conference registration brochure is now available. This gives basic information about the Conference and a form to mail back to register yourself for it.

We need registrations by January 31 in order to make final arrangements with the venue.

We hope to have on-line registration available early in January.

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