Consistent Life 25th Anniversary Conference


March 9-11, 2012, 4-H Youth Conference Center, Chevy Chase, MD

Conference talks & presentations

This is a page which will be updated from time to time.  It will contain links to videos, speech texts, PowerPoint presentations and other items from the 25th Anniversary Conference. Initially, we have very little, but we hope to have a lot of them over time.

Photo Albums of Conference

Pre-Conference Public Witness photos by Bill Samuel

Conference photos by L. Lewandowski

Conference photos by Bill Samuel

Aimee Bedoy’s Conference photo album

Major speakers

Rev. Johnny Hunter – Addressing Racial Violence in the Womb and Beyond – The Importance of a Consistent Life Message

Dr. Catherine Meeks – Let’s Keep Making It CLEAR (Consistent Life Ethic A Reality)

Serrin Foster – Peace BEGINS in the Womb and spreads throughout the world

Aimee Bedoy – Perpetuating Peace and Life: Engaging Youth in the Consistent Life Movement

Rachel MacNair – Consistent Life at 25 Years: Insights from Psychology
PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint format PDF format


1. Looking Back – An Historical Retrospective of CLE

Ken Maher

Mary Meehan Remarks (PDF)

Carol Crossed

Rachel MacNair

2. Future Foundations – Elementary Level Education

Rachel Muha

M.J. Park

3. Future Foundations – High School, College & Young Adult Outreach

Ken Cooper

Aimee Bedoy

Phil Eddy

4. Direct Action

Paul Magno A Life Bouquet (PDF)

Bob Cooke

Rev. Patrick Mahoney

Claire Schaeffer-Duffy

Patrick O’Neill

5. Stand and Be Heard – Nourishing the CLE in Today’s Political Climate

Working Within the Democratic Party: Kristen Day

Working Within the Republican Party: Nick Neal

Working Within the Green Party: Sheldon Schafer PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint format; PDF format
Notes (PDF)

Working as a Political Independent: Joe Schriner

6. Early Christians and the Consistent Life Ethic

Rob Arner
PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint format; PDF format
Notes (PDF)

7. Other Issues Related to CLE

Environment: Sheldon Schafer Notes (PDF)

Animal Rights: Phil Eddy

8. Winning Conservatives to the Anti-War Cause

Mary Meehan

9. Reconciliation

Rachel Muha

Vicki Schieber

Sunday morning sessions

Catholic mass – Fr. Jim Noonan, M.M., Celebrant

Protestant service – message by Rob Arner
Sermon (PDF); Order of Worship (PDF)

Sharing on reasons for supporting CLE


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