Consistent Life 25th Anniversary Conference


March 9-11, 2012, 4-H Youth Conference Center, Chevy Chase, MD

Purpose of Conference

The Conference marks the 25th anniversary of Consistent Life (CL), founded in 1987 as the Seamless Garment Network.

The main purposes of the Conference are to:

  • Publicize the Consistent Life Ethic (CLE) and foster its growth in the area, the nation and the world;
  • Bring together a diverse group of CLE supporters nationally/internationally for mutual support and encouragement, and to consider ways to forward the CLE message; and
  • Reach out to the metropolitan Washington area about the CLE.

The CL Board has established a 25th Anniversary Committee at the national level to oversee planning of the Conference. We also hope to establish a local network/committee to focus on local outreach and logistics. Katy Huggins, who has considerable experience in conference and event planning, serves as Conference Coordinator. We have a commitment from one foundation to provide some seed money for the Conference, although we anticipate needing additional funds for this purpose.

Your Help and Input Wanted

This Conference needs to be a cooperative effort of the CL community. Although we have parts of the conference settled, we still want your ideas for topics, speakers, workshop leaders, logistics, etc. for the Conference. If you have skills you might be able to make available in the planning or implementation of the Conference, or could be part of the local effort to provide support for the conference, we’d also appreciate that. To provide input or offer support, please email us. One need we see is a Conference registrar to handle registrations for the Conference. We also could use your financial support. To donate electronically, go to the Consistent Life Donation page. Your suggestions of foundations or groups who might be approached for a grant would also be appreciated. Thank you.


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